Places To Visit

We made a special selection of private cruises to make your Croatia holiday an experience to cherish. Discover top destinations in Croatia aboard a vessel of your dreams. Choose among our luxury boats that will take you to the most beautiful islands on the world and the sights of a country blessed with pristine nature and rich history.

Croatian islands, beaches and coves

Croatia is a country famous for more than a thousand islands, spread on the beautiful Adriatic Sea.

Visit the iconic Pakleni islands are a paradise of beautiful secluded beaches and deserted coves along one of the most memorable sceneries in the world.

Explore the island of Hvar with fields of lavender, ancient olive trees and vineyards, as well as the abundance of pristine nature that make the island of Hvar the prestigious world celebrity magnet, as well as one of the best destinations in Croatia.

Discover the island town Bol, one of the most beautiful little towns in the world, a picturesque port with all of the charm Mediterranean has to offer. From Bol, a memorable pathway takes you to one of the most popular Croatian beaches, the stunning Golden Horn. World famous for its amazing shape, beautiful pine trees and sensational fine pebbles that change shape due to sea currents.

Vsit the iconic island Mljet and its national park. The greenest among Adriatic islands is one of the Croatia’s best kept secrets. National park stretches through most of the island, along several villages and two salt water lakes. Oasis of pristine nature and unforgettable beauty offers a series of activities, including hiking and biking, besides enjoying islands beaches and the amazingly clean and clear sea.

All that is just a fragment of island treasures Croatia has hidden away for your discovery.

Towns and monuments

Most of our private sailing tours start from Split – the gem of history and the largest city in Dalmatia, famous for the palace of Roman emperor Diocletian.

Visit Omiš, a historically famous pirate stronghold full of beautiful monuments and the special Mediterranean charm.

Feel the magic of Zadar, the city full of culture, music, excellent food, rich history and architectural wonders like the Sea Organ and the Sun Salutation – the monument to the Sun. City also famous as one of the locations with the most beautiful sunsets in the world.

Sail towards the world-famous town of Dubrovnik. One of the most popular destinations of the world is widely known for its history, perfectly preserved on the Dubrovnik walls, fortresses and towers. Discover this unique city at your tempo. Wander through streets paved with stone, taste the local cuisine, marvel the rich history and visit some of the locations famous “Game of Thrones” series was filmed at.

All that is just a fragment of cities and towns Croatia has hidden away for your discovery.

Natural parks and phenomenon

Visit the iconic Blue Cave, the most beautiful cave in Croatia and the natural light phenomenon that will leave you breathless. The magical play of silvery-blue color is created by sunlight reflecting on the pebbled bottom of the sea in the world-famous Blue Cave.

Marvel the beauty Kornati National Park – the wonder of pristine nature has to offer. Sail the Kornati archipelago which consists of 89 islands surrounded by crystal-clear sea, often visited by dolphins.

Enjoy the pristine nature sanctuary of Kornati national park. Relax and marvel beautiful beaches and all the wonders of nature.

Enjoy famous wonders of the Nature park Telašica, located in Dugi Otok. Sea around the island is frequently visited by dolphins, while the nature park Telašica has become a home to abandoned donkeys. The whole island is a perfect relaxing spot and a nature oasis full of marked architectural sites as well as hiking tracks and bicycle paths.

All that is just a fragment of natural parks and phenomenon Croatia has hidden away for your discovery.


Croatia is one of the most beautiful countries at Mediterranean zone.


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